Christ Needs a ‘New Holiday’ Beginning 2008 in Unusual Log

This is definitely an exceptional excerpt, an abridged version unique transcript where pictures of jesus Christ demands a New Christmas’ Original Transcript is dated Friday 11/7/2008 3:19:00 PM EST.’The force the majority of you feel from this holiday that I certainly did not discover has placed therefore many of you into an anxious position, worrying HOW will you make Christmas happen this year?What if you began a NEW Christmas? So now YOU CAN DO THE SAME!!!We could call this the Xmas that makes a GENUINE Christmas.So, now here are some suggestions this holiday was actually started by someone in memory of me. You also have free will and no-one will hinder it. But, taking on a new view, kind of trying it on to see how it feels THIS is what I’m hoping you will do.Starting December 25, 2008 a NEW Christmas is born. If people have trouble with this recommendation, please have them go up with myself. I hear ALL of your hopes. We see whatever you are and do as though seeing a TV.Someone may say, ‘Oh, that is not in-the bible. It’s blasphemy. You’ll go to hell for not obeying the bible.’You may interject here and share that this direction actually originated in pictures of jesus Christ.The person would look at you as if your face was pink and the skin green.The person wouldn’t BELIEVE that pictures of jesus Christ is STILL doing all He can to simply help mankind and to take action without judgment.You may think there’s judgment there’s not at this level of religious development. When you see somebody in pain, preferably you feel large, thoughtful and a warm heart towards that individual. And THAT’S PRECISELY what Christmas is really all about.Now please allow me to discuss several suggestions with you about how precisely I’d like my memory and my birthday to be celebrated.The NEW Christmas mantra may be Deeds Fulfilling Needs. e to help in-the method of DEEDS that you do to help the person (o-r animal) have a renewed sense of hope, and trust that God does, in fact exist Jesus does, in fact speak with many people it is generally with people who desire to serve and help in any good manner.Instead of purchasing a fresh diamond for someone near to you, look at this. Perhaps the individual has low income and carries the weight of expensive medication you can buy a gift certificate from-the drugstore that your beloved can use to pay for much desired medicine.’Deeds Fulfilling Needs’ Create a NEED list and a DEED list.This holiday that honors my earth life as-a new-born is so very much reverse of what I shared with people within my lifetime. And during that lifetime, I was Jewish and famous Passover most certainly not Easter!How would you feel if your friends and family asked you for your wish list of NEEDS that you deeply need to look after. Now, imagine that for your NEW Christmas current, each buddy took care of what they certainly were able to that was created to the list. How will you know if this really is Divine certainly or not? Please, Dearest One, simply ask yourself how YOU WOULD FEEL IF THIS WAS DONE FOR YOU?If you visit any church, please be so kind to print this out and give it to the Ministers who build decisions.As I love you all so really, and for over two thousand years I’ve been wanting to breathe life into your life please consider remembering my birthday because the NEW Xmas ‘Deeds Fulfilling Needs.’Whether you offer lightly used shoes and activities to a children’s consignment store so the kids can have shoes to wear, o-r THAT is a Deed Fulfilling a, we can definitely change life on the planet for us all. We can fill requirements, convert All we desire to change. You are never alone. I am often with you. Many thanks for opening your heart and mind to this concept.