Verses for Jesus

CAN I DANCE FOR YOU pictures of jesus?And pictures of jesus taught us to sufferFor fulfilling all righteousness.And when He was baptized,The heavens were openedAnd the Spirit of God descendedLike a He was tempted by the devilInto the wildernessBut He said”Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.”And pictures of jesus touched the leprousAnd his leprosy was cleansed.And Jesus said to the centurionTo keep his beliefAnd his slave was healedAnd Jesus touched the mother’s handOf the Peter’s wifeAnd the fever left her.And Jesus made us comprehend why”The foxes have holes,And the birds of the atmosphere have nests;But the Son of manHath not where to set his head.”And He requested us to follow Him:”And let the dead bury their dead.”CHRIST JESUS OUR LORDLord Jesus Christ, Son of God,Have mercy on me, a at the heartI locate Your name.It is the title before whomEvery knee must bow.Let me maintain the secret of the faithWith a clear conscienceGive me the knowledgeOf all the needed goodness.Turn my weakness right into a strengthAnd give me the patienceFor doing points You request me to do,Christ Jesus our Lord.Because being made of fleshI understand I grieved Your heartBut Your mercy sets me freeAnd Your acceptance overflows for meWith love.Through You now I receiveThe reconciliation.Especially when I need enough faithFor working my salvation.PRAYER FOR CHILDRENOur Jesus Christ prayed herself and taught us how to prayAvoiding the lure and seeking the childnessKnowing ”The Our Father” – prayer for every dayThinking that also He was tempted in wilderness.We pray for our bread and human requirements of the dayBut the Spirit Himself makes intercession for usWe are sinners, our spirits need to be renewed by this wayGod wants to save us so much, He wants His kids to bless.